Solution Law, APC


We have delivered positive results for our clients, over and over. Our firm has helped thousands of clients obtain millions of dollars in compensation from settlements and verdicts.


We have a reputation for providing exceptional legal advice with our innovative solutions to the most complex of legal problems. Our commitment in continuously studying the practices of law, including following current court cases and their outcomes, helps achieves this.


There are times during our lives when we need to seek help from an attorney. Whether you were arrested and charged with a crime, you or a loved one has suffered from an injury due to another’s negligence, or you are facing mounting personal or business debt, we are here to help.

At Solution Law, we understand you want to work with an attorney who will advocate on your behalf regardless of the issue you are facing. We have handled personal injury cases including roadway and nursing home accidents. We have helped individuals facing home foreclosure get relief utilizing the bankruptcy code, and assisted business owners who need to reorganize their debt. Additionally, we have helped defend those who are charged with crimes including driving under the influence. We can also help with drafting a will and guiding your loved ones through the probate process.

All these situations may require you to find an attorney who can speak up for you and help you protect your rights. At Solution Law, we take the time to understand the issues our clients are facing. We work primarily with clients within the Inland Empire, Los Angeles, and Orange County areas (Southern California). We take pride in the fact that we treat each client individually because we understand everyone is facing a different challenge, even if it is for the same reason. No two people are impacted the same way by a legal issue and we never forget that basic fact. Contact Us today if you have a legal question and let us help you find the solution that best meets your specific needs.