Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

When you are facing a criminal charge in California, you need an attorney who will serve as a strong advocate on your behalf. In some cases, involving an attorney immediately can mean a reduction in charges, the potential of reaching an agreement with prosecutors early on, or the potential of having the charges dropped before you need to stand trial. Even when these do not happen, a criminal defense attorney who is on your side can help minimize the risks you are facing.

DUI Charges in California

Every municipality takes drunk driving charges seriously. However, we are aware there are often factors including improper stops, faulty Draeger Alcotest equipment, or poor training of the law enforcement officer administering the tests which increase the chances of being charged with a DUI. We can help you fight back by making sure we challenge every aspect of the stop as well as potentially faulty test results. The consequences of a DUI conviction are more long-lasting than simply the loss of your driving rights. A DUI conviction can impact insurance rates, cause you to lose your job, and may result in problems obtaining housing. These charges must be taken seriously which starts with hiring a criminal defense attorney.

Misdemeanor and Felony Arrests

There are instances where your attorney may intervene before formal charges are filed and you can avoid charges. We understand how important it is to have an attorney actively involved after an arrest on any type of criminal charge. We also have experience asking the right questions to make sure your rights have not been violated during an arrest. Should charges be brought in spite of our best efforts, our goal will always be the same: To demonstrate the charges are false and to have your fully exonerated. Regardless of whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony crime, we are here to help.

At Solution Law, we never hesitate to ask the tough questions and fight hard on behalf of our clients who are arrested. Whether you are facing a felony, misdemeanor or a DUI charge in Orange County, the Inland Empire or Los Angeles, contact our offices immediately and let us get to work defending you and preserving your freedom.